When Luxury & Functionality Meet // Aziz Light Apothecary

I'm a sucker for anything that falls into the beauty & skincare realm. Take one look at my bathroom and you'll find more products than one girl could possibly use. Recently I've start to limit myself to the amounts & types of products that I buy. Since this shift, I've noticed that I've been gravitating towards products that serve multiple purposes or have a number of benefits. Think primers that work great as a base for your foundation while also having skincare benefits. Body oils that can be used as a moisturizer or a hair mask. Things along those lines. 

One product line that has recently sparked my interest is Aziz Light Apothecary. The product packaging is stunning, the products themselves are made to be luxurious, and every ingredient that goes into them serves it's own very special purpose. My personal favorite is the First Aid Balm, but that's purely because I injure myself at least once a day. Two other notable products that I've been admiring are the Basil Mandarin Bath & Body Oil and the Utilitarian Solid Fragrance. I definitely wouldn't hate having those pretties littering my bathroom. 


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