Art In The Age | A Spirit Worth Dreaming About

If Wednesdays aren't for dreaming of delicious cocktails and warm spring days spent outdoors I don't know what is. With hump day in full swing and the weather outside being glorious, I can't stop thinking about lounging out on our roof deck with a delicious speciality cocktail by my side. Surprisingly I'm not usually a big cocktail drinker, but that all changed when I recently had the pleasure of testing some of the unique spirits from Art In The Age. It all started when I stumbled into their store in Old City to try on some Warby Parker glasses. Next thing I know I was testing all their spirits and picking on some pretty wild glasses. Not bad right? 

Art In The Age is a organic spirits company inspired by the rich history of Philadelphia. They have four signature spirits that were developed to highlight a unique aspect of the Philadelphia areas roots. My particular favorite is the Rhubarb which was developed to highlight how Benjamin Franklin introduced the vegetable to America in 1771. It's pretty much the perfect spirt to add into your summer cocktails, and it would be beyond delicious mixed with champagne. The four spirits they offer are rhubarb, sage, snap, and root, with each one having its own unique historical background & taste profile. 

If you find this spirt company as amazing as I do, I recommend checking out their website. Each spirit has a breakdown on the history, tasting notes, and mixology recipes to help you get started. 

Photo: Art In The Age

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