App To Help You Avoid Uber Surge Pricing | Surge

Last weekend Uber got itself a bit of bad press when a girl reported that she had an uber bill that cost over $350 due to surge pricing. Now any of you who are users of Uber know that they clearly state when they are experiencing surge pricing and what that price bump will be, but knowing that this girl was probably highly intoxicated (it was Halloween after all), I can understand how she may have disregarded the pricing surge. Thanks to a new app called SurgeProtector you can worry a little less about surge pricing because the app will identify areas close to you where surge pricing is not in effect.

SurgeProtector was only released this past wednesday, so it's unclear if Uber will try to shut them down but until further notice I'll be giving this new app a try. Since it's a Friday you know the cabs will be busy busy busy and I'd rather have that extra few bucks to spend on a cocktail. Have any of you gotten caught with a hefty Uber bill due to surge pricing? I've always just walked or taken a regular cab to avoid the increased price but it's nice to have another option just incase.

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