App For Discovering Ethically Sourced Fashion

Buying ethically sourced fashion isn't always the easiest undertaking. If I'm being honest, it's actually a bit of a hassle at times. Trying to find fashion that is ethically sourced and attractive is harder than you'd think, but in my attempt to shop more intentionally I've been putting in the effort whenever possible. For a while, I would mostly achieve this through thrifting or by shopping at stores like Zady. That was until I discovered Orange Harp, an app designed to help you shop high quality, socially conscious fashion with ease.

Through this app I've discovered a ton of amazing fashion companies that are both ethically made and attractive, a major score in my book. Whether you're trying to shop more consciously or are just looking to discover new brands, I'd recommend giving the app a look. I've already found a few items that have made their way onto my purchase list. 

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