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I don't know about any of you but if there is one clothing item that I dread having to buy it's jeans. The process of finding a great fit & quality at an affordable price in down right painful to me. I'm pretty specific about what I like which explains why the two pairs I own have been apart of my closet for at least five years. Needless to say they are pretty worn down and not in a cute way. I could repurchase the same pairs but at upwards of $200 a pair that doesn't really make sense with the holidays around the corner. Instead I've decided it's time to try out the much buzzed about DSTLD Jeans

These jeans are designed to have that luxury brand quality with a revolutionary fit, all at an affordable price point. It's pretty crazy considering they also pride themselves on being fairly manufactured by never using sweatshops and always incorporate eco-friendly fabrics into their jeans. Each pair of their jeans are under $100, with the majority of the women's ones being in the $65 range. I'm current deciding between the Mid Rise Cigarette Jeans and the Low Rise Skinny Jeans. One would be perfect for a night on the town and the other amazing for pairing with cozy sweaters and boots. Heck at just $65 each I can get both for less than the price of my trusty citizens jeans. Not bad right? 

I'd love to know if any of you tried out DSTLD Jeans yet? If you have let your thoughts on the quality & fit. From what I've read on their very specific fit charts I think I'd love anything in a mid rise style. If you haven't but are itching to order a pair like me it's helpful to know that shipping & return fees are covered by the company. That definitely was a deciding factor that made me feel more comfortable with the idea of ordering jeans online. Also lets be honest guys, who doesn't prefer trying things on in the comfort of their home. I especially hate trying things on when the weather starts to get cold and multiple layers are required. 

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