A Spa Like Shaving Experience // LaRitzy

Way back in September, I wrote about a shaving subscription for men called Harry's. At the time, I was quite envious that there wasn't a similar product out there for women.  In my opinion, shaving your legs has to be one of the worst things women do in the name of beauty. It's right up there with waxing your eyebrows, so there has to be something to make the process feel more luxurious. Enter LaRitzy, a high end shaving subscription that will elevate the daily task into a spa like experience. 

With each LaRitzy subscription you get a kit that includes a bath mitt, shaving oil, a coffee scrub, and a five blade razor with replacement blades. The pink razor adds a touch of femininity to the experience, while the scrub and shaving oil give the kit that spa like indulgence that's been missing from the daily routine. I was pretty much sold when I read that the shaving oil is scented with a mix of sweet, floral, woodsy notes with a small amounts of citrus. Sounds like just the type of scent that I'm attracted to.  The subscriptions are on the pricier side, but compared to what I spend on similar items individually, I think it's a subscription that I'd be willing to splurge on testing. Have any of you tried the LaRitzy subscription yet? I'd love to hear some reviews before getting a kit of my own. 

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