A Perfect Wallet For The Forgetful

Sorry for the silence this week. I've been struggling to get over a bug, and the only thing I've been able to get right lately is falling asleep. I'm usually pretty on top of things, but when I'm sick I'm incredibly forgetful. From forgetting train tickets to my phone and wallet, I've forgotten just about everything this week. Yesterday, I misplaced my wallet, but for the life of me I couldn't remember where I left it. I spent hours searching only to realize I left it back at the office. It's times like this when I could really use a smart wallet. You know a wallet that uses technology to make sure it's almost impossible to loose.

If this sounds like something you could use too, I have good news for you. For the next 16 days, you can back this amazing Kickstarter campaign that'll get you a smart wallet of you're very own. Now please tell me I'm not the only forgetful one around here. Do any of you ever find yourself more forgetful when you are under the weather? It's a constant struggle for me. 

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