A Modern Day Heirloom | Louise Gray

Recently, I've gotten around to thinking about the importance of creating family heirlooms. I usually try not to put too much importance into material items, but when it comes to my family heirlooms I treasure them. While there may not be many, the heirlooms that I do have keep me feeling connected to my loved ones who have passed. They help make me feel like a small part of their story is becoming a part of mine. From a broken down old desk that was passed down from my great grandmother, to a few pieces of my grandmothers jewelry, these family heirlooms have become my prized possessions.

While I love the heirlooms that have been passed down to me,  I never really thought about the importance of creating heirlooms for the generations to come up until recently. With fast buying and poorly made goods becoming a norm in the marketplace, I rarely use to purchase anything that would last longer than a year or so, let alone long enough to become an heirloom. With our recent move to a smaller city apartment, we've started to change the way we make purchase, choosing to only spend on quality items that will be apart of our story for more than just a few seasons. While not every purchase is as beautiful, timeless, or worthy as others, the change in our consuming has allowed us to feel a little less guilty about spending a bit more on item we know will last. 

So with the notion of creating family heirlooms of our own in mind, I've gotten it stuck in my head that I want to invest in a beautiful, hand made quilt. Something that fits with our taste, but will also be a treasured item for years to come. We've looked high and low, but we couldn't make a decision until we found the stunning, geometric inspired quilts by Louise Gray. Their quilts are all made in the U.S.A and are handcrafted by local artisans. As I started to dig into their story, I was struck by how inline their mission statement was with what I was searching for. They state that "Louise Gray strives to make products that withstand the passing of time in both design and ethos, being mindful that life needs to be a little cozier." So with their modern designs, attention to detail, and mission to provide timeless & lasting quilt, I think we finally found our first modern day heirloom. 

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