A Foodies Dream Subscription | Hatchery

I've always thought one of the best ways to get creative in the kitchen is to be left with limited or unique ingredients when it comes time to make dinner. There is something about having to make something from nothing that really forces you to step outside your culinary comfort zone. I personally love testing out new ingredients, but to be perfectly honest I rarely splurge on them when I'm shopping at the grocery store. Unless I've heard from other people they are great, I just won't risk it. 

Being as cooking obsessed as I am, I was beyond excited to find a subscription service that will send me monthly packages of small batch artesian cooking ingredients. Can you say dream come true? Each month, Hatchery subscribers will receive an assortment of small batch sample-size speciality ingredients. Don't worry if your not completely confident in your ability to whip out a gourmet meal with the ingredients you're provided, because Hatchery provides delicious recipes and cooking inspiration to get you started. The price for this subscription is on the higher end, coming in at $25.00 a month or $240.00 for the year (you save $5.00 a month when you buy a full year subscription). With this subscription you're not necessarily recouping all your money on the products you receive, rather you are paying a bit more for the experience and being exposed to small batch ingredients you may otherwise never come across. 

What do you guys think of Hatchery? Are you guys into this idea or do you think it is a bit pricey for what you're getting? I personally love it, but that very well could be that it makes me feel like I would be competing in my very own chopped tournament every month. For all of you who don't watch quite as much food network as I do, feel free to ignore my little reference! If you have tried Hatchery before, I'd love to hear about your experience! 

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