4th Of July | Decorate With Style


With the 4th of July only a few days away, it's time to finalize your party decor. When decorating for a holiday, I like to go with items that can work with various themes throughout the year. For this July 4th I am going for a slightly rustic feel utilizing galvanized metal, wood, and burnt hues of red & blue. Top that off with some crisp white and the obligatory flag and you are set! I really like that most of these items can easily transition from party to party with a few tweaks.

To make things extra fun, consider buying these awesome individual pie boxes. They are perfect for having your desert when it's time to go watch the fireworks. If you find bugs are a problems in your area, I highly recommend these flyaway sticks. They may not be as fun as sparklers, but they are loads more useful.  What are all of you planning for the 4th of July? Do you have any go to decorating tips for me? I'm always looking for fun ways to mix things up when entertaining. 

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