Perfect Cheese Board

It's only Monday and I am already dreaming about the weekend. I am really looking forward to catching up with some friends over wine and good cheese. I really think when entertaining you can never go wrong with a cheese plate. I mean who doesn't love cheese? Nobody that I'm friends with. When I plan to have a cheese plate I like to utilize different serving platters. Some of my favorites include a marble slab, a rustic slab, or a good old-fashioned wood surface. If having an upscale party this marble cheese dome would be an exquisite touch. For a more rustic or classic vibe I would use this Brooklyn Cheese Slate or this driftwood cutting board.  

Cheese board.jpg

When hosting an event I tend to over do it on the cheese. It could be that I always want left overs, or that I know how much my friends love cheese. Regardless of the abundance I always stick to 3-4 cheeses with varying taste and texture. Some of my favorites include  burrata, aged gouda, humboldt fog, and pecorino tartufo. I love to serve with crusty bread, crackers, fig spead, honey, various nuts, and olives. I think one of the best things about leftover cheese is experimenting will new grilled cheese recipes the next day! Have any favorites I should try out?!


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