Neutral Bedding


What is more perfect than a cozy bed? If you ask me the answer is nothing. I absolutely love snuggling up in bed with a good book, and a fragrant candle. When outfitting my bed there are two important things I consider. Comfort first, and aesthetics second. Luckily for me there is an abundance of products that fit both of those needs. 


When decorating my bedroom I chose to utilize neutral colors. This allows the pieces I purchased to be incorporated into future redesigns with ease. To accomplish this I use a mix of high/low bedding in gray, white, and cream tones. I love to mix textures when playing with bedding to add dimension, and interest to otherwise simple pieces. This bedding includes a silk channel quilt, a herringbone quilta cozy cable knit throw, and linen pillows.  Check out my account for more bedding ideas. 

Sand Dollar Place Card

Sand Dollar Place Card

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