10 Best Artisan Candles | Etsy

One thing I could never live without is a beautifully scented candle. I'd honestly prefer to buy a new candle over just about anything. They instantly add warmth to your environment while giving your home an intoxicatingly beautiful smell. Add that to the fact that they can make just about any rainy day seem luxurious and what's not to love! I've used a lot of candles in my life, expensive and cheap, and I've realized the key to the perfect candle comes down to three simple things. It must be in a beautiful vessel, boast an amazing scent, and have some lasting power.

So today I'm sharing the 10 best artisan candles that I've found over on Etsy. Each candle I've shared hits all three marks with their incredible packaging, unique & beautiful scents, and their long burning potential. If you aren't as ready for fall as I am, make sure you check out each candles full line of smells. I may have picked one too many cold weather scents, since I'm already counting down the days until boots and scarves are back in season. To check out a few of my runners up head over to Etsy Pages to see my full artisan candle collection. 

An updated list has been created. You can view the 2016 best Etsy candles here

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